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COOKINGONTV.NET, is a cooking TV network was created for the viewers who love taking photos of their food, watching
cooking shows and purchasing products with their iPhone, desktop, iPad, tablet, laptop and smartphone.

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Food History

Let’s take a look at how Curry Foods were brought to the Caribbean.


Tea House USVI

FOOD BEAT, St. John U.S.V.I.

Roger Mooking visits Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound

Easy Cooking Lifestyle


You take photos of your food, you read food articles, watch cooking web-series, purchase low price products online and you make food recipes you viewed on your smartphone, iPad, laptop tablet and desktop computer in your kitchen. Friends this website is for you. COOKINGONTV.NET is a cooking, food recipes, cooking web-series, shopping online cooking TV network. That was created for the internet viewers who love to take photos of their food. You can watch your cooking shows, view recipes and purchase products on your smartphone, iPad, tablet, desktop or laptop.

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COOKINGONTV.NET, need good people to contribute and invest in something real that they all can benefit from. This website was created where we saw a void. Become part of our adventure and join us with your donation. We have used our film skills, photo taking skills, cooking and writing skills to create a online entertaining cooking TV magazine website. Now we are venturing on doing a live streaming cooking show on weekends. COOKINGONTV.NET, need you to join with us to make this happen with your donation in 2018. Please donate here at www.cookingontv.net.

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